Nebraska Tornado Maps

Tornado data are complete through the end of 2014. See the note at the bottom about the availability of the 2015 data.

Maps Showing All Tornadoes by 10-Year Periods and Entire Data Set

Maps Showing All Tornadoes for Various F-Scales

Animated Maps

Animation of the yearly distribution of tornadoes in Nebraska (1953-2014)

F Scale vs EF Scale

The Fujita Scale (F) had been traditionally used to classify tornadoes but more recently, the new Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF) has been used. For consistency, the maps here are labeled "F" Scale.

Year 2015 Tornado Data

There is at least a 6-month lag in accessing the tornado data as the entire data set must be checked for accuracy and potential duplicates.

The 2015 tornado data won't be available until Summer 2016.