Animation of the Annual Nebraska Tornado Maps 1953 to 2014

Mapped using the severe Thunderstorm Event Data base of the Storm Prediction Center


Although the focus of these maps is to show historical Nebraska tornadoes, some areas adjacent to Nebraska are included.

Each red line is a tornado path.
Sometimes when the path is unknown, a red dot is used to show the location of the tornado touching down. And, if the path is very short, i.e. just a few miles in length, it will also appear as a dot on this map due to the map scale.  If we were to zoom down to county level, some of the dots on the maps would actually appear as paths.
For example, here is a zoomed in map for Lancaster County for 2016 and you can see the short paths of two F-1 tornadoes.  The regular map is below that map and the paths are only dots on that regular size map of Nebraska.